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Why do you need Lashes and Brows reconstruction?

Have you wished you'd have more hair in specific spots to highlight the unique features of your face? How can you improve the shape of your brows? What if brow pencil and mascara are not enough? Can you always achieve the desired look by using traditional methods of makeup?

Velvet system has the answer!

Lamination effectively transforms not only the upper but also the lower lashes. Velvet system consists of four steps for deep hair restoration. The achieved result is due to natural growth, so it is noticeable immediately after the session. The bulbs are activated, and the nutrients penetrate deep into the hair cells. The procedure has several advantages over other eyelash lamination methods: Hair becomes strong and soft due to the nutrients that make up the drug. You can use the drug for eyebrows and eyelashes. With proper care, the effect lasts up to 3 months. Hair structure restored at the molecular level. The hairs get a new graceful shape. Activation of hair follicles promotes accelerated hair growth.

Velvet technology includes several salon services, so the result is fixed for a long time. Molecular reconstruction occurs in four stages: Giving beauty. At the same time bending, length, volume and color of eyelashes visually change. They become hydrated and shiny in appearance. "Awakening" hair follicles. The drug penetrates deep into the follicles to enhance their growth. Nutrition useful substances. A special compound infiltrates each hair to improve the structure and repair the damage. Eyelash lengthening and growth promotion. To enhance the effect, each client is given a tool for home use.

To stimulate hair growth and “wake up” follicles, the wizard uses the Grow Activator. This is a unique tool that lengthens hair. It consists of phytoestrogens that promote rapid tissue regeneration and protect cells from premature aging. “Grow Activator” contains nettle extract, marine collagen and vitamin B. All these components strengthen hair follicles and accelerate cellular metabolism.

Aminokeratin complex "Velvet Essence" penetrates deep into the hairs and is fixed inside. It contains hyaluronic acid, ylang-ylang extract, keratin, esters, fatty acids, amino acids and oligopeptides. All this helps to strengthen the hairs, restore hair structure and maintain the water balance of the follicles.

It is very important to use Home Oil Cocktail to maintain the result. This oil is used at home to accelerate the growth of eyelashes and lengthen them. The main component of the product is inulin, which activates the metabolism and improves the hair structure. It also contains vitamins E and A, which nourish the cells with oxygen and help strengthen the bulbs. This is not all components of the complex. In one tool it is impossible to combine all the useful components, so the technology has three main means. Each of them has specific goals that ultimately lead to the improvement and restoration of hair follicles.

No other way to transform the eyelashes is able to create a visual effect of gloss and length along with the restoration. The Velvet procedure is considered to be useful and safe, as the composition of the products contains only natural ingredients. The complex aims to restore already grown hairs and stimulate hair follicles. This is how it differs from other procedures for the care of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Please, feel free to call Vita Pure Touch and schedule your Velvet procedure with one of our Velvet System Certified specialist today!

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